DAT – CHOK1 Recombinant Cell Line

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Size: 2 vials
The dopamine transporter (DAT, SLC6A3) is a membrane-spanning protein that pumps the neurotransmitter dopamine out of the synaptic cleft back into the cytosol, from which other transporters sequester DA and norepinephrine (NE) into vesicles for storage and later release. Dopamine reuptake via DAT provides the primary mechanism through which dopamine is cleared from synapses. DAT is implicated in a number of dopamine-related disorders, including attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, bipolar disorder, clinical depression, and alcoholism.
Recombinant CHOK1 cell line expressing Human sodium-dependent dopamine transporter (DAT), Genbank accession number NM_001044.
Materials Required But Not Provided:

• Neurotransmitter Transporter Uptake Assay Kit (Molecular Devices #R6138)
• HBSS buffer (1×)  (Hyclone #SH30588.01).
Thaw Medium 3 (BPS Bioscience #60186)
Growth Medium 3B (BPS Bioscience #79529) 

Supplied As:
Each vial contains ~2 X 10^6 cells in 1 ml of 10% DMSO
Host Cell line:
Mycoplasma Testing:

The cell line has been screened using the PCR-based Venor®GeM Mycoplasma Detection kit (Sigma-Aldrich, #MP0025) to confirm the absence of Mycoplasma species.

Growth Media:

Thaw Medium 3 (BPS Cat. #60186): Ham’s F-12 medium (Hyclone # SH30526.01) supplemented with 10% FBS (Life technologies #26140-079), 1% Penicillin/Streptomycin (Hyclone SV30010.01).

Growth Medium 3B (BPS Bioscience #79529) Thaw Medium 3 (BPS Cat. #60186) plus 500 μg/ml of Hygromycin B (Life Technologies #10687-010) to ensure the recombinant expression is maintained.

Instructions for use:
See data sheet for detailed culturing and assay protocol
Storage / Stability:
Immediately upon receipt, store in liquid nitrogen.

• Monitor dopamine uptake activity

• Screen for activators or inhibitors of DAT activities in a cellular context


1. Vaughan, RA., et al., Trends in Pharmacological Sciences. 2013; 34(9): 489–496.

2. Jorgensen, S., et al., Journal of Neuroscience methods. 2008; 169: 168-176.


License Disclosure:

Purchase of this cell line grants you with a 10-year license to use this cell line in your immediate laboratory, for research use only. This license does not permit you to share, distribute, sell, sublicense, or otherwise make the cell line available for use to other laboratories, departments, research institutions, hospitals, universities, or biotech companies. The license does not permit the use of this cell line in humans or for therapeutic or drug use. The license does not permit modification of the cell line in any way. Inappropriate use or distribution of this cell line will result in revocation of the license and result in an immediate cease of sales and distribution of BPS products to your laboratory. BPS Bioscience does not warrant the suitability of the cell line for any particular use, and does not accept any liability in connection with the handling or use of the cell line. Modifications of this cell line, transfer to another facility, or commercial use of the cells may require a separate license and additional fees; contact sales@bpsbioscience.com for details. Publications using this cell line should reference BPS Bioscience, Inc., San Diego.

Avoid freeze/thaw cycles
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Membrane transporter
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Cell line
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