Biological Services for Drug Discovery

   ‌•  Screening & Profiling                         ‌•  Protein Labeling
   ‌•  Custom Expression                           ‌•  Cell Line Development
   ‌•  Antibody Development                      ‌•  Molecular Biology

BPS Bioscience offers a wide range of service capabilities for a variety of research applications, including drug discovery. Our expert scientists provided fast, reliable services to hundreds of clients worldwide, ranging from top pharmaceutical companies to smaller biotech labs. Timely, reliable results, and affordable pricing are available to you now. Contact us today at (858) 829-3082.

Screening and Profiling

Hundreds of biochemical and cellular assays for IC50 and EC50 determination for your compounds of interest.

Custom Expression

Express targets using our portfolio of expression systems including baculovirus and mammalian and express Antibodies in serum free HEK293 suspension

Cell Line Development

Custom cell lines that express proteins of interest at high, homogeneous levels.

Protein Labeling

Working for you, our team of experts can plan and execute custom protein-labeling projects. Often these plans include our gene cloningassay development, and screening services.