Betulinic acid

Catalog #: 27739-1
Size: 100 mg
MW: 456.7 Da
CAS Registry #: 472-15-1
Formula: C30H48O3
Betulinic acid is a natural pentacyclic triterpenoid that selectively induces apoptosis in tumor cells by directly activating the mitochondrial pathway of apoptosis through a p53- and CD95-independent mechanism. Betulinic acid also displays TGR5 agonist activity (EC50 =1.04 µM). Betulinic acid is used to study its potential cardiovascular role in the modulation of endothelium-dependent relaxation. Betulinic acid displays anti-HIV and antitumor activity.
Lupatic acid; Betulic acid; Mairin; NSC113090; NSC-113090
Biological Activity:
Initially reported as a selective inhibitor of human melanoma, betulinic acid was found active against neuroectodermal (neuroblastoma, medulloblastoma, Ewing's sarcoma) and malignant brain tumors, ovarian carcinoma, in human leukemia HL-60 cells, and malignant head and neck squamous cell carcinoma SCC25 and SCC9 cell lines. In contrast, epithelial tumors, such as breast, colon, small cell lung and renal cell carcinomas, as well as T-cell leukemia cells, were completely unresponsive to treatment with betulinic acid.
Soluble in DMSO
Storage / Stability:

Store at or below –20°C. Solid form is stable at least 12 months from date of receipt, when stored as directed. Do not store aqueous solutions for more than one day.

Scientific Category:
Apoptosis Inducers
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