Antibody Development

BPS Bioscience offers highly customizable antibody development services. BPS can complete custom projects which begin at antigen design and conclude with the production of a stable cell line for large-scale antibody production. Alternatively, customers can choose to start or end a project at any stage outlined below. Whether you need to conduct a large scale project or only need to utilize one of our antibody development services, BPS will provide timely and high quality results. Contact BPS today to learn more about our antibody development services.

Antibody Services BPSOur antibody development services can begin with antigen design and production. We have been producing recombinant proteins for research and antibody development for over 10 years, BPS can design and produce custom, highly pure antigens for use in immunization or other antibody development processes such as affinity screening.  

BPS can also work with its partners to immunize animals with antigen for the generation of antibodies. We will also work with partners to generate hybridomas. Characterization of antibodies at this stage can be done in BPS’ labs to identify the most promising clones. 

BPS’ strong team of molecular biologists can clone antibodies into mammalian expression vectors for recombinant production. Phage display, offered by BPS, can be used to improve antibody affinity and specificity. A stable cell can be created for future antibody production.   

Antibody Characterization Services

In addition to antibody development services, BPS Bioscience also offers a number of services for antibody characterization including:

  • Co-crystallography of antibody bound to antigen
  • Epitope mapping
  • ELISA, flow cytometry, and Western blot analysis
  • Functional analysis using our biochemical and/or cell-based screens
  • ADCC and CDC analysis

BPS is ready to start production whether you want to conduct a large scale stable cell line development project, or if you only need to utilize one part of our antibody services. At any step throughout your project, BPS is ready to advance your life science research.