GCN5 Fluorogenic Assay Kit

Catalog #: 50091
Size: 96 reactions
The Fluorogenic GCN5 Assay Kit is a homogeneous, fluorogenic assay designed to screen for inhibitors of GCN5 (also known as KAT2A). The Fluorogenic GCN5 Assay Kit is based on the transfer of an acetylgroup from acetyl CoA to a peptide substrate. After incubation with acetyl CoA and the substrate, the GCN5 enzyme generates acetylated H3 peptide and CoASH. No time-consuming washing steps are required. The thiol groups of CoASH can be detected with fluorogenic reagent at excitation = 360 nm and emission = 460 nm.
HAT, histone acetyltransferase, GCN5, KAT2A, GCNL2, PCAF-β
Supplied As:
The Fluorogenic GCN5 Assay Kit comes in a convenient 96-well format, with all the reagents necessary for 100 fluorescent HAT activity measurements. In addition, the kit includes purified GCN5 for use as a positive control.
DTT, β-mercaptoethanol, or other reducing reagents, DMSO >1%, strong acids or bases, ionic detergents, high salt
Instructions for use:
See assay kit data sheet for detailed protocol.
Storage / Stability:

12 months from date of receipt, when stored as directed. Kit components require different storage conditions. Be sure to store each component at the proper temperature upon arrival.

Great for studying enzyme kinetics and screening small molecular inhibitors for drug discovery and HTS applications.
Avoid freeze/thaw cycles.
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Assay Kit
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