ABT-888 (Veliparib)

Catalog #: 27101
Size: 10 mg
MW: 244.3 Da
CAS Registry #: 912444-00-9
Formula: C13H16N4O
ABT-888 (Veliparib) is a potent inhibitor of both PARP-1 and PARP-2. In the MX-1 breast xenograft model (BRCA1 deletion and BRCA2 mutation), ABT-888 potentiated cisplatin, carboplatin, and cyclophosphamide, causing regression of established tumors, whereas with comparable doses of cytotoxic agents alone, only modest tumor inhibition was exhibited.

≥99% by HPLC

Biological Activity:
ABT-888 (Veliparib) is a potent inhibitor of both PARP-1 and PARP-2 by [3H]NAD+ with Ki of 5.2 nmol/L and 2.9 nmol/L, respectively. ABT-888 inhibited PARP-1 with IC50 of 4.4 nM using BPS Bioscience PARP1 Chemiluminescent Assay Kit (Cat. #80551).
Soluble in DMSO.
White to beige powder.
Storage / Stability:
Store at or below –20°C. Solid form is stable at least 12 months from date of receipt, when stored as directed. Do not store aqueous solutions for more than one day.
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