0.01 in TAE Buffer + EtdBr, 2 x 15 well

Catalog #: 1006
Size: 25 gels
1% Pre-Cast Agarose Gels provide a quick and convenient way to rapidly and reproducibly resolve DNA fragments ranging in size from 0.3 kb to 10 kb. The gels are made using a standard melting/gelling agarose that is ideal for a wide variety of nucleic acid and protein analytical and preparative applications. Its extremely high purity provides outstanding resolution of bands and retention of full biological activity.

Agarose also has a low EEO for shorter electrophoretic runs without compromising resolution. The gels are designed to fit most common electrophoresis minigel chambers, and 2-4 gels can be placed side-by-side in larger chambers when a large numbers of samples need to be run.
agarose gel, DNA gel, electrophoresis gel
Gel Dimensions:     6.4 cm x 9.7 cm
Tray Dimensions:     7 cm x 10.3 cm
Gel Thickness:     8 mm
Number of Wells:     2 x 15
Well Volume:     20 ┬Ál
Instructions for use:

1) Open the foil bag along the notch.
2) Gently remove the tray from the bag.
3) Place the tray to the chamber platform.
4) Pour electrophoresis buffer (TBE) into the chamber to cover the tray.
5) Load your samples (≤20 µl). Electrophoresis at 100 V.
6) Remove the gel from the tray to take a picture.

Storage / Stability:
Up to 6 months when stored between +4°C and +22°C. Do not freeze.
Do not freeze
Scientific Category:
Mini Gels
Product Type:
Agarose gel
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